Sponsorship and Promotions

Endorsed by the Committee, March 2011

 AABHL is an association that commenced operations in 2010, from the amalgamation of the Australasian Bioethics Association and the Australian and NZ Institute of Health, Law and Ethics. Its members come from universities, the health and legal professions, the bodies of students in training for careers in these professions and/or the academy, and from other walks of life involved in the ethical and legal consideration of health care and the life sciences. AABHL is the most prominent professional association in Australasia in these areas.

 AABHL’s primary aim is to foster debate, discussion, inquiry and research into the many issues that arise within this important sphere of human activity, and between the various disciplines that inform these debates and concerns, not being limited to ethics and law. The annual conference, together with state-based activities, provide a focus for these intellectual and educational activities.

 Given this primary focus, AABHL does not formulate or support particular policy positions on any of the issues that are explored in these settings. Hence it does not accept sponsorship from, or help promote any organisation that argues or agitates for, specific policy positions or changes. This does not preclude AABHL from accepting financial or in kind support from individuals or organisations whose clear motivation is to help sustain the collegiate activities of the association. This allows an organisation to promote its services (eg a law firm financially supporting a speaker, but simultaneously advertising its services via a banner) but not a particular bioethical or legal view.