Teaching Ethics

Welcome to the Teaching Ethics Stream discussion thread.  The aim is to provide a platform to enable discussions on topics that are pertinent in teaching ethics, curriculum design, innovative methods of delivery and research.  To start the discussions, it would be fabulous if you could introduce yourselves in the discussion forum and tell us a little about your background and areas of interest.



 Drew Carter works at the University of Adelaide, where he is a lecturer in the School of Medicine and a Research Fellow in Ethics at ‘Adelaide Health Technology Assessment’ within the School of Population Health.  He leads the teaching of ethics to the University’s medical students and collaborates on research with health services researchers, health economists and social scientists, particularly to inform decisions about how governments ought to allocate health care resources.  This is his major research focus.  He has a background in moral philosophy.  For more information, see http://researchers.adelaide.edu.au/profile/drew.carter.







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