AABHL 2022 Conference

Making connections

Invitation to Attend!

With many of us working from home, travel still uncertain, and research funding increasingly tight, there are many barriers keeping us within our disciplinary, methodological and geographical boundaries. Using a hybrid model, the 2022 AABHL conference aims to encourage:

  • Making and renewing in-person connections (yay!)
  • Meaningful online connections and addressing access issues
  • Scholarly and networking opportunities that bring together people from a range of disciplines, career stages and geographical locations

We invite abstracts and panel/in conversation proposals related to the theme of making connections, including but not restricted to:

  • Traversing traditional scholarly boundaries, including through multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary¬†research
  • Applying theories or methods to novel contexts or jurisdictions
  • Building and operationalising diverse research teams

Registration is now open. AABHL has also decided to offer two support schemes to current financial members (including ECRs and students who are part of an institutional membership).

Bek McWhirter and Lisa Eckstein
2022 AABHL Conference Chairs

Who Should Attend

This conference is targeted to academics and practitioners from the following professions and disciplines:

  • All aspects of healthcare
  • Policy development
  • Medico-legal
  • Education
  • Ethics/Philosophy
  • Research