Empirical Ethics

Dr Jane Williams

Stream Leader

Dr Jane Williams is a public health ethics researcher at the Australian Centre for Health Engagement, Evidence and Values (ACHEEV) at the University of Wollongong. She currently works on various ethics related aspects of infectious disease, including planning for emergencies and anti-microbial resistance. Previous topics have included cancer screening, reproductive ethics, and the role of financial conflicts of interest in practice. Jane uses qualitative and deliberative methodologies in her empirical ethics work.

Associate Professor Michael (Mikey) Dunn

Stream Leader

Dr Mikey Dunn is an Associate Professor and the Director of Education at the Centre for Biomedical Ethics in the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at the National University of Singapore. Mikey’s core research interests focus on the ethical aspects of community-based, integrated, and long-term care practice, policy and law – in Singapore, the UK and internationally. In his research, he seeks to take an interdisciplinary approach, integrating philosophical, qualitative social scientific and legal methods of analysis. In adopting this approach, he has made wide-ranging contributions to developing the relatively new methodological sub-field of empirical bioethics. Mikey has written more than 80 peer-reviewed academic journal articles and book chapters, and authored/edited 6 books.

Dr.Supriya Subramani

Stream Leader

Dr. Supriya Subramani is a Lecturer at Sydney Health Ethics, School of Public Health, University of Sydney. Her research interests lie at the intersection of emotions, healthcare ethics and behaviour. She employs qualitative methodology to explore the moral subjectivities of individuals. Her ongoing projects are concerned with how emotions, moral epistemology and everyday interactions influence one’s moral self; and how power is negotiated and challenged by individuals (patients; immigrants) in interpersonal interactions and institutions, particularly in healthcare and social research settings. You can find her publications here