Benefits of membership includes:

Journal - AABHL members receive a subscription to the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry (JBI), an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal co-sponsored by the AABHL.

Conference - AABHL members receive special conference rates to attend the annual AABHL conference which attracts national and international experts in bioethics and provides a great opportunity for members to present their work and discuss their ideas with others engaged in the field of bioethics.

Workshops - AABHL members receive special rates to attend workshops convened periodically on new and emerging topics.

Tweets - AABHL shares information about current events and opinion commensurate with its interests via Tweets (@AABHL).

Networking - AABHL members are provided with the opportunity to collaborate with similarly interested professionals and with other bioethics organisations. Membership to the AABHL provides a focus for those with interest or expertise in specific areas of bioethics to develop educational and resource collaborations.

Streams - AABHL members are provided with the opportunity to join special interest groups known as STREAMS.

Student members - The AABHL provides special membership and conference rates for students and offers two prizes for outstanding student essays presented at AABHL conferences.

Resources via the Website - The AABHL website provides access to other AABHL members, notices of important upcoming events and links to other important bioethics sites and resources locally and internationally. We are currently developing a ‘Members Only’ Resource on the website, that will be accessible only to current members. This may include conference slide presentations, with permission of the authors.


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