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Otago Bioethics Centre invites you to attend a Bioethics seminar on Monday 25 July 2022, at 1.00-1.50 pm.

Meeting ID:
Password: 595584

Dr Lisa Parker from the Centre for Bioethics and Health Law at the University of Pittsburgh, USA will talk about Ethics Centres’ Conflicts of Interest and the Failure of Disclosure of Remedy this Endemic Problem.

Individual and institutional conflicts of interest arise with increasing frequency and negative sequalae as universities and their principals, as well as individual faculty members, engage in research (and other activities) with support from profit/not-for-profit entities. This essay examines how institutional and individual conflicts of interest (COI) arise for ethics centres and their faculty/staff, respectively. It defines COI, endorses a reasonable person standard for determining when COI exist, and considers problems that arise when disclosure of COI is embraced as a remedy for them. It argues that transparency and disclosure are generally inadequate measures to address COI, especially those of ethics centres. It concludes by sketching other measures that may be ingredients in attempts to avoid, manage, or mitigate the COI of ethics centres and their faculty/staff.

Lisa Parker is the Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote Professor of Bioethics and Director of the Center for Bioethics & Health Law at the University of Pittsburgh, USA, where she directs the University’s Master of Arts in Bioethics. She leads the University’s Research, Ethics, and Society Initiative, designed to foster campus-wide discussion of research ethics and the social implications of scientific research and technology. Dr. Parker’s research focuses primarily ethical concerns related to the design and conduct of research, particularly genetic research and mental health research, as well as issues in precision medicine and use of predictive analytics. She has also published on ethical issues related to enhancement, including aesthetic surgery and genetic enhancement. Recently she has turned her attention to conflicts of interest, particularly in academia.

In-person attendance:
For those who wish to attend in person, please come to the Bioethics Seminar Room (Room 119), Level 1, 71 Frederick Street, Dunedin 9016. The organisers request that those attending in person please wear a mask. At the top of the stairs, take a left down the corridor until you come to Room 119.

Online attendance:
For those who cannot attend in person, you are welcome to join remotely via the Zoom link below:

Meeting ID: | Password: 595584
To those joining online, we ask that you please mute yourselves upon arrival to avoid any accidental interruptions.

Posted 22 July 2022